Football World Cup.

Here is how I see football.

I wrote FIFA.

“A good day.

Do you want FIFA World Cup to have all teams in the world united at places to play for the win?

I do it myself if you are not doing it. I wait for the answer.

Here is how I’m doing it you doing it right. Remove all advertising and marketing and var forever. Everybody plays with everybody on todays standings 1 game/month.

Do you want it happen?”


Add 1 point for the win and 0 for others.

Done with love for the football.

Add FIFA will have to comply to national football.

Draw. An urn with all balls to select position from first to last.

Sa ne incante in pauza. Sa traga Cristiano din poarta in poarta cu portarul sa fuga de la mijloc, etc… . I bet on it. In veci.

The football arenas are half full with home and the rest for guests. Guests will buy tickets 2 weeks from a month period.